Friday, June 27, 2014

Too busy! Ahhh!

I am 31 and I still struggle to find a healthy balance between being busy and being so overwhelmed that my house is messy and we are eating dinner at 9 pm and no one has clean clothes to wear. With that in mind, here is a brief summary of our last two months.

Field Trip with Rosie to Murdoch's! We got to hold baby ducks, chicks, rabbits, and a gosling. She almost had me convinced that we needed a rabbit in our lives. I said we'll discuss this again when she's 10. Why 10? I'm not sure, but she was happy with it.

Playing firefighters at the Ronald McDonald house in Salt Lake City. Our dear friends have a 19 year old daughter who had kidney failure. After a long wait, they found out the mom was a match. She donated a kidney to her daughter and they've been in SLC for the past two months. We went to visit and they had this fire station there.

Will turns 8! He wanted to go to a trampoline park in Utah. We took along three friends, L to R is Cash, Fletcher, and Colt. We didn't think they could finish their massive milkshakes, but they proved us wrong!

Will learning how to cook a grilled cheese on the open fire. There is more to this story, but he had an adventure with some friends where they made a fire, cooked dinner, and slept under the stars with no adults (ahem, Clark was feet away in case of any emergencies!)

Clark and I celebrated our 9th anniversary! We went to Park City, rented mountain bikes, and biked the trails for the day. Then we ate at Red Rock and mostly talked about the kids :)

Amy visited us! She is done with her first year at BYU and working in Laramie for the summer. We sure loved seeing her!
Jake (Clark's brother) and Brittany got married! Steph (Clark's sister) made all the girl cousins matching dresses. Are they not darling? :) Back row: Rosie, Allie, Lucy. Front row: Addy and Shaylie

Will promised Sylvie a slow dance :)

The whole bunch, minus Monte (at a rodeo)

Will's chaps! It was a real sunny afternoon so I told him to close his eyes and then to open them when I said THREE but he opened his mouth instead.

And there's his handsome smile.
June 16th I kid you not it snowed! My kids loved it though.
Here's the fellas about to adventure. I guess these pictures are a little out of order. They saw wild horses, went skinny dipping, and ate cold soup. Their fire started shortly after dinner :)
Meanwhile Rosie and Addy had neighbor girls over for tea.
Hope everyone is having a great summer! Loves!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

spring 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! I bought the tank tops and then sewed sleeves and skirts to match. Addy's skirt was way too long and Rosie's was shorter than planned. Story of my sewing life!

 Will is really interested in "Little House on the Prairie" and their lifestyle. He dreams of adventures in the woods with nothing but a pocketknife. Clark helped the kids make a house out of our tv box and they played "Little House" for hours.

For the 100th day of school, Rosie's teacher asked her class to dress up like they were 100. This is what we came up with. She had to leave her "cane" at home since it was somewhat of a weapon.

They also had a Dr. Seuss day and Rosie wanted to be Cindy Loo-Who.

Our waffle maker broke a few months ago and we never got around to buying a new one. Finally we have one and had waffles 3 times the first week. Will ate a 4 stack!

Rosie almost finished her 2 stack!

Will got a "managing me" award for being responsible. His teacher is the one in the white shirt, black and white sweater. We are so proud of him!

Our friends invited us to the Jazz game against the Orlando Magic. We had a great time! We bought popcorn, cotton candy, and 3-scoop ice cream cones. Plus the last two minutes were intense. We hit a 3 with 1.6 seconds to go for a 1 point win!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Our neighborhood put together a Halloween Party for all the kids in the cul-de-sac. We had a potluck dinner and games afterwards. Rosie and Addy dressed in their Halloween costumes, a leopard gecko and a princess.

Will wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit too much but he was happy to light fireworks.

Here's Addy with one of her good friends, Josie.

Look who started up piano lessons again! We took a few months off but Mom is fired up again to resume and practice, practice, practice.

 Addy isn't officially a piano student yet but she sure likes to be like her older brother and sister.
 We have a pet bull moose. Just kidding! But he does come by quite frequently. He's been to our back yard 3 times now. We like to watch him eat the leaves off of our tree until our neighbor throws rocks at him and makes him run away.
 Notice anything missing from this picture? The only problem is it is STILL missing. Clark pulled it out on Friday with some floss and it flew across the room and is still MIA. There's a 50 cent reward to anyone that finds it!
 We had some friends over for dinner and we busted out the chocolate fountain for the first time.
 This weekend we went up to Whiskey Springs and found a teepee.
 The kids enjoyed throwing rocks in the river.

Rosie has the coughs so I kept her home from school today.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

summer 2013

Catch up time! My oldest two are at school and my youngest is asleep so I have no excuses. Let's start back in July.  Addy turned 2 and she knows it! She loves playing with Will and Rosie whether it be jumping on the trampoline or making nests out of blankets, she is happiest with them. She also loves swimsuits. She would wear her swimsuit every minute of every day. We got her a new swimsuit for her birthday, however we found out she only likes one particular swimsuit. She hasn't worn her new one, even with her mom's pleadings! She requested a pink cake for her birthday.

I learned my little sister Laura had tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox 20 concert. I really wanted to go, but thought it impractical since it was two days away. I asked her what her seat number was and looked online to see if there was one close by. Well, what do you know the seat next to her was still available! Call it a sign, I don't know, but it was enough for me to want to go. I expressed my interest to Clark and he got online and bought me a ticket. It was awesome! It was an outdoor concert in Denver.

We went to Pinedale with Clark's family for a mini Anderson reunion. We boated across Green River Lake and went on a hike to a natural bridge. The water was very cold, but didn't stop my kids from taking a dip.

We went to a Weatherford reunion in Bear Lake in August. We enjoyed lots of boating, knee-boarding, riding the wave runner, milkshakes, visiting Rockland where my grandparents are buried, and feeding the carp at the marina. We visited Great Aunt Renee, my paternal Grandmother's sister. She still spends her summers at the "Keetch Cottage" in the Bear Lake area. These next two pictures were out on her porch.

Do you think the kids were really asleep?

Feeding the beloved carp. Grandma gave them quarters to buy fish food. They started throwing the food in the water, but then wanted to touch the fish so they held it in the water and let the fish suck it out of their hand. My brother Bob put fish food in his toes and had them eat it. Those carp never had it so good! Ha ha.

Oops this picture is a little out of order. This was Grandpa and Will outside the out house at the ketch cottage.

We have a new pet thanks to my brother Josh. He donated it to us after he heard about our tragic pet incident.

Will found a lizard (who we named Blizzard) at the Flaming Gorge earlier this summer. We brought it home and put it in a 10 gallon terrarium. Will's mom thought it wasn't getting enough sunlight so she took the tank outside for the lizard to warm up. An hour later, she went to check on Blizzard and found him to be very stiff. He is now buried in our garden. May he forever rest in peace.

Our new pet is a 7 or 8 year old leopard gecko named "Graggy". We have had a lot of fun with her. Will feeds her crickets and mealworms every day and turns the heat light on in the morning and off at night.

 Speaking of our garden, look at this! Our zucchini turned out to be prolific. These were our biggest ones. We also planted green beans, peas, onions, and golden potatoes. We dug out the potatoes last week and ended up with 20 lbs. The kids really enjoyed going out and picking peas to snack on.